Julian Burton, after personally experiencing life threatening burn injuries from the Bali Bombings of October 2002, was inspired to give something back to the people who supported him and the many others who were affected by burn injury. ‘Burn injury is one of the top three causes of accidental death of children under five years of age and one of the three most common injuries suffered by Australians each year’ Julian said.

The Julian Burton Burns Trust was established in 2003, by Julian Burton, to raise funds for the prevention, care and research of burn injuries nationally. ‘As CEO and founder of the Julian Burton Burns Trust, I have experienced so much generosity and have witnessed the valiant efforts of so many people throughout our burn prevention, care and research programs.’ Late in 2009, Julian approached Voiteck, as their current telephone system was not working and was expensive to support. Voiteck analysed the problems and determined the existing handsets and ISP configuration were fine, but needed to replace the main telephone server. ‘Together, with the team at Voiteck, we implemented a more cost effective solution to our telephone and communications needs. They impressed us with their ‘can do’ attitude and we are now seeing the savings.’

Julian said ‘Voiteck stepped in and allowed the Julian Burton Burns Trust to maintain our investment in handsets and they implemented their telephone server. The Julian Burton Burns Trust as a business, let alone as a charity, is extremely cost diligent. We needed the most cost effective solution without compromising the integrity of the telephone system; we needed to sweat the overall asset. Voiteck delivered on this and now we have a state of the art telephony system managing all of our telecommunications. The funds raised are so crucial to our programs and to the people who demonstrate so much valour, so saving on operational costs is vital to our bottom-line.’


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