Business phone solutionsBusiness phone solutions

There is little doubt that good business phone solutions will help to grow your business. Communication underpins nearly all businesses and the business phone allows you and your team to interaction with clients, prospective clients, suppliers and service providers – in fact everyone in your business community.

Emails are convenient and while a favoured solution for technical people, they often lose the interactivity and level of detail that a phone call might allow.

So how do we decide what the is right business phone system is for you? Here’s some suggestions:

A physical or virtual business phone solution?

Does your business needs demand a full phone system that includes office telephones, switchboard and other phone infrastructure or could your small business get by with a virtual phone service that relies solely on a collection of mobile phones instead of more traditional office phones?

Business Phone Technology?

If you do need office telephones, what kind of telephone service do you want? Do you need to consider a traditional landline telephone service or a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, which runs over the Internet.

Business phone VOIP options

If you choose VoIP, do you want to have the VoIP system in-house at your business location (self-hosted) or have it hosted by your telephone service provider (cloud-based)? These are difficult technical questions that Voiteck can assist you with.

Business phone Budget

..and of course your phone budget is an important consideration