business phone systemsBusiness phone systems

Business phone systems are crucial component in a modern small business. Business phone systems provide quick and easy outbound access to suppliers. They also are a convenient communications medium for connecting with prospective clients.

To be truly effective, a business phone system needs more capability than a simple home phone. Examples of these business phone capabilities might include:

Caller ID

At its simplest, caller ID allows you to filter and prioritise answering your calls. If a client is calling, obviously you will answer it immediately. If the caller is less important then you may let the call be forwarded to another or allow the call to go through to the call messaging system.

A more sophisticated application of Caller ID is to retrieve a calling client's details to be displayed as you answer their telephone call. with these details immediately at hand, the calling client query can be addressed quickly and professionally.

Call routing

An important aspect of business phone systems is to facilitate collaboration. If a person is not present, the VOIP business phone system can redirect incoming calls to their mobile phone or optionally to another staff member. This person can then assist with the caller's query rather than suffer the frustration of leaving a message. The business phone system can also hunt through a list of potential call answering people to find the next available free person.

Phone System Scalability

Another important business phone system function is the ability to scale so that new employees have access to, and are accessible via their own phone so that they can effectively communicate within and externally to the organisation

Music or Message on Hold

Studies  conducted by Telemarketing Magazine show that 60% of business callers will hang up if they experience silence. Message on Hold only engages to call but also provides the ability to promote the business  range of services to the caller - an important function  in developing additional business. Alternatively music can entertain the person on hold while they wait.

Telephone Microphone Muting

Ability to have a discreet side conversation or enquiry is very important so this simple function of meeting the microphone can be extremely helpful In a business phone system

Call Forwarding

Connecting callers with the best person to help them, means that call forwarding is an important business phone system function.

Speed dial and redial

In business situations where productivity is vital, the ability to dial and re-dial common telephone numbers quickly and easily is key.

Phone System Reliability

It goes without saying that reliability is a critical requirement for a business phone system. It is vital that the phone system operates seamlessly during business hours and it tends to after hours calls effectively as well.


In summary a business phone system that is functional, flexible and reliable will greatly assist the businesses ability to service its clients.