Business Telephone SystemsBusiness telephone systems

Business telephone systems underpin the modern small business. Business telephone phone systems allow a small business to communicate easily with their clients, suppliers and service providers.

A personal telephone call provides a deeper level of communication between business people. While emails and other internet based messaging systems are becoming more common a telephone call is still the preferred method of speaking to clients and suppliers in business.

The business telephone facilitates:

  • Interactive communication This is critical for clarity as the interactivity allows for immediate clarification and validation of important messages
  • Non-verbals Non-verbals are a key component in interpersonal communications and the telephone does allow some level of non-verbal communication - of course not as deep as in personal communications. Pauses, non-verbal sounds and non-verbal expressions all supplement the basic verbal communication and deepens the other parties understanding.
  • Relationship building The telephone conversation allows a level of non-business/ relationship building in the communications. Building a strong working relationship is can be a valuable aid in sales and inter-departmental operations
  • Communications Productivity It is often more productive to simply pick up the telephone and have a brief conversation with the other party rather than resorting to writing a minute or email.


In summary a business telephone system is a cornerstone of a businesses communications strategy