Cisco Phone Systems in Adelaide

cisco phone systemsCisco History

Cisco systems was founded in December 1984 at Stanford University. For many years Cisco have produced high quality networking infrastructure and a range of VOIP Cisco phone systems.

Cisco Phone Systems

Leading the emergence of VOIP telephony, Cisco had a market advantage with their familiarity with Internet networking infrastructure and dominated the IP phone industry. In 12 years from 1998 Cisco delivered 30 million VOIP handsets for businesses globally.

Contemporary Cisco Phone Systems

Cisco now produces a range of IP telephony phone systems with telephony products that suit small medium and large business. These range from basic to full featured IP phones.  Cisco IP telephony systems allows centralised management and support.

Cisco IP Video Phone Systems

Cisco also offers a range of IP video phones that also allow face-to-face video communication from the desktop.  These Cisco video phones provide productivity benefits while helping to control costs that might otherwise be incurred through travel and remote accommodation. Face to face communication is valuable as it extend some of the subtle 'non-verbal' communication to provide a deeper understanding.  This is not only valuable for communications clarity but can also help with strengthening relationships.