Reducing the cost of doing business is important to all directors, but often considered near impossible in today’s tough business environment. H&L Australia, Director of Development, John Hardy is constantly looking for ways to reduce costs without decreasing productivity throughout the organisation.

H&L Australia has implemented its Liquor Retail Management System into restaurants, hotels cafes and clubs and is now providing their services into Canada and the USA.

With a business that has grown rapidly throughout Australia and internationally over the past decade it’s easy to lose track of costs. John prides himself on H&L’s software point of sale, workforce, security and management systems to help owners and managers make their working lives refreshingly easier. “Naturally a simpler, more feature-rich management system is a huge time-saver which is the same benefits we look for in the technology we use,” John said.

Voiteck’s telephone communications solution has helped H&L to stay in touch and do business both nationally and internationally, at a much lower cost. Soft phones were even deployed throughout H&L so they are optimising technology on a daily basis.

“The H&L head office is now largely a soft phone environment with the support team, engineers and senior management working purely off their PC or laptop,” John said. With the ability to share information and ideas in real-time with video, audio, text and application features, John loved the flexibility of being able to integrate Skype, simple phone book, contacts and call history searches, plus IM (Instant Message) to become the full complement of call handling and convergence capabilities.

Not only is H&L saving money on their monthly phone bill, but the increase in productivity also has to be factored in. With a decrease in phone-tag and other time saving functions it is reported that solutions like Voiteck’s can increase productivity by up to 3 hours per week per staff member! “And you know what they say – time is money,” said John.

“Voiteck undoubtedly supplied us with a business phone solution that is comparable to our Liquor Retail Management Systems – it’s a unified, intelligent system that is truly effortless to use. And it ticks the box of saving us money every month,” John said.

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