Growing businesses know the importance of managing costs and with multiple locations Nick Hart, Managing Director of PETstock, was in the market for a functionally rich and cost effective way of connecting all 5 of his stores through their telephony solution.

Needing a solution that would reduce costs, he turned to IP telephony but was disappointed and shocked that his outer metro location couldn’t get adequate Internet connectivity.

Nick engaged Voiteck, a South Australian company that is focused on delivering world leading IP telephony solutions to businesses. Voiteck installed a remote server at PETstock’s Melrose Park location and programmed it to remotely connect the Noarlunga, Prospect, Allenby Gardens and Parafield stores. In designing the network, Voiteck and PETstock were appalled to discover that Parafield is a known black spot of internet connectivity which almost brought the project to a halt.

Declan O’Callaghan, Managing Director of Voiteck couldn’t believe it, “In today’s business world, high speed internet is considered a necessity, not a luxury. But we are finding organisations, like PETstock, who in the 21st century are still faced with having issues connecting to high speed internet.”

Knowing there had to be an alternative for his client, Declan consulted with Scott Hicks, Managing Director of Adam Internet who advised there was another option. “The AdamMax solution is a real alternative for consumers and businesses who are unfortunately in a black spot. This is a relatively new initiative, using WiMax technology and it is unique to Adam Internet in South Australia. The AdamMax service has taken customers by storm, and thousands of businesses and consumers are already using this for internet and VoIP. Providing high-speed internet connectivity in places that had been marked as impossible; the AdamMax network has brought relief to much of the metro Adelaide environment”.

With a common goal, Voiteck and Adam Internet united as technology partners and presented a plan to PETstock. The end result; PETstock have a seamless Voiteck telephony solution working over the Adam Internet ADSL and AdamMax networks. “We now have a feature rich telephony solution connected to high speed internet connectivity which is savings us thousands each month,” Nick said.


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