Jim Covino recently moved his practice to Level 1, 134A the Parade Norwood, and in doing this he needed a complete transformation of his IT and telecommunications infrastructure. Top of his list was a new telephone system. Jim evaluated his options and sought the expert advice of Voiteck, a leading supplier of IP telephony systems. Voiteck quickly jumped into action and provided Jim with a future tolerant solution to meet the needs of his practice.

“What I found fantastic about engaging Voiteck was that they took all the techno jargon out of the solution. They explained the VOIP technology and the systems’ functions and features in plain English. Throughout the process they told me when and how they were going to implement the system providing me with great confidence in Voiteck” Jim said.

Voiteck’s founders, having worked collectively in the IT industry for more than 80 years, realised they could help organisations by making traditional landline communication systems work smarter with IP technology. Voiteck provide solutions to meet the needs of Australian business who want to reduce their operating costs of their telephone system whilst increasing the functionality of their current system.

“With my new system I don’t have reliance upon my telecommunications carrier to provide me with additional lines or even conference bridging, Voiteck delivers all of this. The system savings are significant; I get great call rates for local, national and mobile, as well as savings on line rental charges. The system functionality is endless, Voiteck can even install an extension at home” Jim added.

Voiteck combines traditional telecommunications knowledge withthe advanced knowledge of IP telephony and VOIP (Voice OverInternet Protocol). Voiteck deliver robust and industry advanced solutions which don’t cost the earth and cater for over 20% of implementations of telephone systems in North America.

“Voiteck said it would work, it does, it’s great and it provides our business with a future platform. I have already recommended Voiteck to many of my clients”


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