Welcome On Board Welcome to Vodafone Voiteck are the Distribution Manager for Business in South Australia and we are really pleased to add Revolution Roofing to the Vodafone Family.This week is very special. Your phone will be moving to the Corporate Account of Revolution Roofing on Vodafone.The Transition is very straight forward and should go through Very smoothly.You shouldn’t have anything to worry about.Some dates, time and actions for youOn Wednesday 29th November 
  1. Vodafone SIM Cards delivered to site for WA and Vic
  2. Voiteck staff will be in at Adelaide Rev roofing between 2 – 4pm
Thursday 30th November 2017- Porting Day. 
  1. Have you got any numbers stored on your Sim Card? If so, save these contacts to your Phone
  2. At some point on Thursday your current Telstra SIM card will become inactive.
  3. Simply remove your old Telstra SIM card and insert your new Vodafone SIM card. (This can be found in your Voiteck Drinks Bottle delivered yesterday)
Contact Points Voiteck   
  • Barb Cavanagh
  • barb@voiteck.com
  • 0881219311
Barb is your first point of contact and will look after any concerns or questions relating to the Vodafone product and service Revolution Roofing
  • WA – Carryn Minne
  • SA – Peter Annandale
  • Vic – Nicholas Hugo

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