PABX Phone System

Manual PBX Phone system

PABX Phone System

The days of the Manual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system is long gone. Now even the Private Automatic Branch Exchange or PABX phone system is largely superceed as well.Modern digital phone technology provides much more capable and cost-effective solutions.Effective communications is critical for the contemporary business. Businesses seeking to improve their phone communications can now consider VOIP based PABX solutions.These use internet technologies including cloud services and VOIP Phones to manage telephone calls internally to other staff and externally to prospects, clients and suppliers.As we have all experienced, the introduction of digital technologies or 'digital disruption'  results in less expensive, more functional capabilities. The business phone system landscape has been dramatically improved through the introduction of these new technologies. VOIP PBX systems promise signfncantly increased communications capabilities with no capital outlay and reduced ongoing costs.Find out more by calling the Voiteck team now on : 8121 9311

PABX Phone System for Business Growth

Phone communication underpins growth and involves all departments in your business. To avoid the limitations of a single phone line, a digital PABX provides a warchest of business growth weapons for business including:

Business phones for the Sales Team

Your sales team need to be able to easily prospect new clients to build the business customer base. Phone integration into your Client Relationship Management (CRM) system makes this process easy and more productive. Sales people can followup clients using scheduled call back driven by the CRM. Calls can be audited to support sales training and monitor productivity.

Easy Phone Access for Clients

Convenient phone access into your business encourages clients to call your people to research and ultimately order your products. clients can direct indial to the best person to answer their questions, or place the order.

Efficient Operational Communications

Your operational people need to be able to coordinate product delivery with suppliers and then arrange delivery to clients. They can lookup supplier contact details in the business-wide call directory integrated into the PABX.

Phones for getting paid

Debtors people need to be able to quickly contact clients regarding payment, and add the details of their call in the CRM

Phone system for growing your business

An effective multi-function business phone system or 'PABX' is a major contributor to Business growth.