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Voiteck are industry leaders in moving company’s Voice and Internet services. We are big enough to matter but small enough to care! We will guide you through the process of moving office location, telephone and internet services. We have successfully moved hundreds of companies in Adelaide and we promise to make the journey as smooth as possible.


Voiteck are the largest wholesale provides of telephony services in South Australia. We offer multiple options of High Speed Internet including; Fibre, Bonded Copper, P2P Radio Service, LTE and NBN to name a few. Voiteck secondly offer hosted PBX platforms that provide a multitude of functionality for all sizes of business from SOHO to corporate customers.


We love to provide great service for our customers. We consult and work out your needs, draw up a project plan and manage the entire process of delivery. We understand moving can be overwhelming, so let Voiteck take care of you!

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Saving on operational costs is vital to our bottom line.
With the team at Voiteck, implementing a more cost effective solution to our telephone needs, We are certainly seeing the savings. They help us out with all of our Landline and Mobile Phone services, so every time you call us you are using Voiteck.
Partnering with Voiteck to deliver a quality product to the Rugby Community is a no Brainer"
Carl Jones
Chief executive Officer Rugby Union South Australia

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