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Firstly thanks for clicking on the link.  We know how busy you are in Real Estate, and we are here to help.  We look to save individual Real Estate agents over $1,000 through coming onboard to Vodafone through Voiteck. Working for the largest brand in Real Estate in South Australia should now be mirrored with working with the largest brand in mobile telecommunications.  Its never a better time to come on board.

“The network is amazing with the investment that Vodafone has made, we can honestly say it is a network to be proud of.  Independent results are now stating Vodafone has the best network in Adelaide!  Surely its time to consider it.  In fact its that compelling Vodafone is the only network to state if you dont like the coverage you can leave at any time!  Now that is confidence!”

Its time for Ray White people to consider!

Leave your details and allow Voiteck to do the rest.


Voiteck and Vodafone


Voiteck, we are now one of South Australia’s leading business landline and internet service providers We saw a need for our customers for Mobile Services.  In researching the market, The Vodafone network and services really stood out.  In the investment of over $3Billion Australia Dollars Vodafone has built a most incredible network. They serve three key areas of your life.  Where you Work, where you Live and Where you Play.   Voiteck announced our intention to the market and are now  The Vodafone Master Dealer to grow Vodafone’s business distribution to meet the mobile services needs of businesses in South Australia.

 Voiteck for us is a natural fit. We have key staff who have worked for Vodafone in the past so you could say it’s in our blood, Our values and business purpose align and both teams share huge enthusiasm for helping businesses succeed.”

Its never a better time to come on Board.  Simply ask for a call back and allow us to get on and do the work for you.

Voiteck’s Story


Voiteck is an Australian based business focused on exceptional customer service and providing organisations with IP telephony, which really just means one can make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional (analogue) phone line combined with state of the art, highly functional software which ultimately saves a business money.

Voitecks founders, after working in the IT industry for more than 80 years, realised they could help organisations by making their traditional land line communication system work smarter with VoIP technology. With VoIP becoming prevalent in not only the consumer and small business world with the introduction of sites like Skype, but also at the large enterprise level with fixed internal IP networks, the opportunity to introduce this product arose.