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Voiteck Loves connecting Business.  Business communication is at the heart of what we do.  We Love to save them money, provide them with amazing functionality and ultimately provide LOCAL Service which is second to none. 

Voiteck are the largest wholesale provides of telephony services in South Australia. We offer multiple options of High Speed Internet including; Fibre, Bonded Copper, P2P Radio Service, LTE and NBN to name a few. Voiteck secondly offer hosted PBX platforms that provide a multitude of functionality for all sizes of business from SOHO to corporate customers. 

Lastly Voiteck  are the Business Dealer manager for South Australia, providing Business with the exciting opportunity to join Vodafone. 


What do you want to be:

Maybe you are starting out in Sales, why don’t you consider joining us as a Sales Cadet?  You will receive excellent on the job training and have an amazing suite of products you can be proud of. 

You are an Accomplished Sales Professional. – Imagine having an uncapped On Target earnings!! we will support you with facilities, products all the latest tools and a highly competitive Remuneration structure.


You want to do your own thing?  That’s great join us as a Sales Partner, excellent products and product training and we even have a demo space you can bring your clients into. 


Do some research on us, get your self ready and then give us a call The easiest  number to get us on is 08 81200948.  

Our Director Declan O’Callaghan is looking after this process so phone him up for a chat.

Also send your resume or letter to recruitment@Voiteck.com.

Lastly always feel free to drop by and grab a coffee with us at 354 King William Street.  

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