Voiteck call back

Firstly thanks for clicking on the link.

Voiteck Share Holding Meeting

We now know that a TXT application in Business is extremely powerful so we are trying to show different people the power of linking in with our Landing Pages.  We have trialed  this a few time this month with mixed results.

Look forward to seeing you on Monday.  I will send out a reading Pack before the meeting



If you want to give us some feedback on this technology why done you leave us a message in the form above.

Also below you will see an offer that we have provided out to The Ray White group, they have 170 Real Estate  agents in SA that we have txt this too. It cost us 5 cents a txt so in all it cost just over $5.00 to send out

Nice and Clean delivery, Hopefully by Monday I will give you some feedback as to what sort of results we are getting from it.

Ray White Offer

Voiteck’s Story


Voiteck is an Australian based business focused on exceptional customer service and providing organisations with IP telephony, which really just means one can make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional (analogue) phone line combined with state of the art, highly functional software which ultimately saves a business money.

Voitecks founders, after working in the IT industry for more than 80 years, realised they could help organisations by making their traditional land line communication system work smarter with VoIP technology. With VoIP becoming prevalent in not only the consumer and small business world with the introduction of sites like Skype, but also at the large enterprise level with fixed internal IP networks, the opportunity to introduce this product arose.