Julian Burton
Julian BurtonCEO & Founder - Julian Burton Burns Trust


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‘Funds raised are crucial to our programs, so saving on operational costs is vital to our bottom line. With the team at Voiteck, we implemented a more cost effective solution to our telephone needs and we are now seeing the savings.’

Jim Covino
Jim CovinoDirector - Covino & Co


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‘Having a local telecommunications partner was important. This has provided us with the efficiency and flexibility to speak in length with each client.’

Eny and Ray Wundersitz
Eny and Ray WundersitzRay White Norwood


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‘Voiteck’s business communication solution has increased our ability to cope with the needs of our sales and support staff to ensure we promptly attend to all their requirements.’

Burt Admiraal
Burt AdmiraalDirector - H&L Australia Pty Ltd


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‘We have implemented our Liquor Retail Management Systems into restaurants, hotels and clubs and are now providing our services into Canada and the USA. Voiteck’s telephone communications solution has helped us to do business both nationally and internationally at a much lower cost.’

Bruce Lennon
Bruce LennonGeneral Manager - Thomas Farm Kitchen


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‘We needed a communication solution that would minimise our costs. Voiteck’s innovative telephone solution has delivered such a successful outcome and I love the fact that my voicemails turn into emails!’

Sam Forde
Sam FordeDirector - South Coast - Harcourts


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‘Voiteck’s business communication solution has helped us to stay in touch with sales and support staff to ensure we promptly attend to our client’s needs. They even turned my iPhone into a landline and reduced our telecommunications bill by at least 35%.’

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