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All Voicemail at your Finger tips from all of your Telephone numbers

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Synchronise all of your Voicemails to emails into one place, Using the Voiteck Voicemail to Email product, all of your voicemails are recorded into a WAV Format and sent directly to your nominated email account. The email account is yours, Microsoft, Google or your company email account is fine. 
  • Voicemails can be heard, read or emailed to others
  • Have a unified inbox – all your messages in one place
  • Voicemails are saved in the Cloud
  • Never hear “Your mailbox is full”
  • Scroll through and play your voice messages in any order 
  • Read voicemails at a glance while in meetings
  • Dedicated forwarding number
  • 100% Secure – unlike standard carrier voicemail systems
  • Works on your existing mobile number or land line phone
  • Access voicemail  through e-mail 
  • Reply, forward, save, archive and retrieve messages just like email

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