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VOIP Business phone systems

/VOIP Business phone systems

VOIP Business phone systems are the digital versions of the traditional analog phone system. As we have all experienced, digital versions of systems usually have a number of superior characteristics over the analog equivalent. Consider the difference between your old analog TV compared to a modern HD Digital TV – the difference is astounding – not just the picture clarity but the functions as well. Generally digital versions of products brings:

  • Cheaper
  • Better quality
  • Improved range of capabilities

This is certainly the case with the digital version of business telephones. Voice over IP or “VOIP” business telephones utilise digital/internet technologies to transport our voices and manage the telephone conversions. Freed from the limitations of traditional analog phone systems, VOIP business phone systems can provide a wide array of features including:

  • better quality sound
  • optionally include video
  • provide clever call forwarding redirection
  • smart message recording
  • integration with CRM systems
  • etc

Probably the most attractive aspect of VOIP to business is that the costs are signfncantly reduced over traditional telephone costs. Rather than a dedicated analog telephone line, digital technologies multiplex multiple conversions on the same line. Similarly much of the equipment used using for internet communications is directly applicable to VOIP so connection costs are much lower.

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