VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP Phone SystemsBusiness phone systems are undergoing a revolution with the introduction of telephones that use digital technologies. These phones use internet technology Voice Over IP or VOIP Phone Systems

The advanced digital technology in VoIP phones provides a range of functions that would previously been too expensive or impossible to implement for a small businesses to consider.

Some VOIP telephone call functions would have previously required the installation of a dedicated PABX – a significant capital investment especially for a smaller business. Other functionality now available is total new to VOIP digital technologies.

VOIP Phone System Capabilities

Capabilities provided by VOIP business phones include:

  • Voicemail to email transcription
    Recorded phone messages forwarded as emails that you can receive outside of the office at your convenience on your laptop or your phone.  The voicemail message can also be stored or forwarded to other staff members for action. The phone messages can be stored in your Client Relationship Management System for tracking client activities and communications.
  • Call Screening
    By checking the caller ID you can make a decision about whether to take the call immediately or leave a message and they tend to the matter later.
  • Call Routing
    Automatically transfer your call when you are not at your desk either to your mobile phone or to another person in the office who can assist calling clients
  • Conferencing
    VoIP phones are also very effective for conferencing –  conversations with more than 2 people.  A group of people can easily collaborate in a discussion and don’t require the overheads of travel time or remote accommodation.
  • Security
    VoIP phone systems can also encrypt the conversation making it more secure, and more difficult to intercept.
  • Do not disturb
    Simply defer all calls until you are available to handle them. Callers are invited to leave you a message – that can be forwarded to you by email for later actioning.

VOIP Phone System = Better service for your Customers

These new and improved capabilities significantly enhance your business, by enabling your team to communicate more effectively between themselves. Further your team can also communicate quicker and more easily with your clients. This makes your employees more productive and ultimately providing a higher level of service for your customers.

VOIP Phones – A business differentiator

VOIP Business phone systems have emerged as an important communication tool. They are a communications enabler for small business delivering higher quality client service. VOIP phones connect you to the diverse range of digital communication channels – mobile – email and more

In additional to the increased capability, VOIP technology also reduces your businesses overall communication costs