VOIP PhoneVOIP Phone 

Why should you consider a VOIP Phone system for your business?

VOIP Phone is cheaper

The modern business is always reviewing costs, and the telephone bill is a major portion of the total expenditure for most businesses. VOIP connections are much less expensive than traditional analog lines. Virtualized PABX costs are signfncantly less and doesn’t require an upfront capital investment

VOIP phones have more capabilities

As a digital technology it comes as no surprise that VOIP phones have more features than the old fashioned analog phones. The range of features include:

  • Video conference on your phone
  • Flexible call redirection
  • Smart messaging – ie messages to emails
  • Integration with mobile phone
  • Integration with the business CRM
  • many more

VOIP makes your business more Productive

VOIP is a productivity enabler for your staff and business.
The range of smart VOIP capabilities can be leveraged to improve staff productivity. Integration with your CRM will systemise client followups. The VOIP phone provides the ability :

  • for all employees to see what has happened recently for a client when they call.
  • to handle out of hours calls with grace

VOIP phones get results

Ultimately VOIP phones let your people get results. They can deliver on your expectations of customer service in a timely way. VOIP phones allow your people to connect with your clients, prospective clients and suppliers quickly and easily.