SA businesses, Application Service Provider (asp) and Voiteck are helping the Julian Burton Burns Trust save thousands of dollars on telephone calls and IT support by installing a free Voice over IP Telephony system. Voiteck and asp are working together to provide the Burns Trust with solutions to keep their running costs to a minimum.

The Julian Burton Burns Trust was founded in 2003 to reduce the incidence and impact of burn injuries through burns prevention, providing care and support services for burn victims and their families and advancing world class research into burns treatment. Burns are among the top causes of accidental injury in Australia with children being most at risk.

“The community support we’ve received in the past nine years, along with the hard work of so many people, has allowed us to make a significant impact in the community” says Trust founder Julian Burton.

“We’re always looking for cost effective ways to do day-to-day business and our relationship with asp and Voiteck is helping us to do this. Both companies provide efficient and effective solutions for our business. ”

asp’s Andrew Admiraal says he knew he could provide value for the Burns Trust “far in excess of any monetary donation we could make simply by making them a part of our business” – a belief echoed by Voiteck’s Declan O’Callaghan.

“Not only did working with Julian Burton Burns Trust give us the opportunity to give something back to the community, we developed the hosted VOIP Telephony system to keep call costs to an absolute minimum ,” Declan says.

The solution Voiteck developed for Julian Burton Burns Trust is now being launched to business all over Australia as CloudNine, providing low installation and ongoing call costs through a cloud version of their phone systems.

“We’re really excited to be able to offer CloudNine to our customer base,” says Andrew, who has signed on as one of Voiteck’s first resellers of the new cloud solution.

“We’ve been using the system ourselves for over a year now, and have no problems recommending it to our clients. As cloud service providers ourselves, we know that Voiteck are ticking all the right boxes.”


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