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Welcome On Board 

Welcome to Vodafone!  Voiteck are the Business Distribution Managers Vodafone in South Australia and we are really pleased to add Integrated Waste Services to the Vodafone Family. 

Today is very special,  your phone will be moving to the Corporate Account of Integrated Waste Services on Vodafone. 

The transition is very straight forward and should go through very smoothly and  you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. 

Here are some dates, times and actions for you

Monday 21st May 

  1. All Vodafone SIM cards should have been received by Anne Borrelli for those people who are transitioning

 Tuesday  22nd May  – Porting Day

  1. If you have any numbers stored on your SIM card? Please save these to your phone.
  2. At some point on Tuesday your current SIM card will become inactive
  3. Once this has occurred,  remove your old SIM card and insert your new Vodafone SIM card.

 Contact Point for Vodafone Transition is Barb Cavanagh. Her details are or 0881219311  She will look after any concerns or questions relating to the Vodafone product and service for Integrated Waste Services