Why a VOIP Phone System is better than a PABX Phone System

VOIP phone systems have so many more capabilities than the ‘old’ PABX phone systems that have been around for years. A VOIP phone system will increase efficiency, reduce costs and allow your business to meet and exceed customer expectations. VOIP PABX costs are much less than traditional PABX systems and there’s no upfront capital investment needed, which is always welcome news.

But what exactly is a VOIP phone system?

VOIP (or VoIP) stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. VOIP technology means that you use the internet to make and receive phone calls. If you’re familiar with Skype, that uses the same sort of technology.

Make your business more efficient

When you look at all the ways a VOIP phone system makes office life easier, a PABX phone system really is obsolete. VOIP phone features include:

  • Video conferencing on your phone
  • Caller ID and client details displayed
  • Flexible call redirection — the system keeps hunting till it finds the next free staff member
  • Voicemail messages sent to email for easy playback and referencing
  • Connect new employees’ phones to the VOIP system with ease
  • Get extra ‘Virtual Numbers’ — so you can contact commuting staff for free
  • Integration with mobile phones
  • Integration with the business CRM — click to call contacts directly from Outlook ‘Click-to-Dial’
  • Free calling features including voicemail, caller ID and conferencing calls
  • Music or Message on Hold — no more silence, fewer hangups
  • Telephone microphone muting
  • Speed dial and redial, and more.

No more playing phone tag!

Imagine your staff members being able to answer their calls no matter where they are. Hours of work time saved for your business, and no more frustrated customers or clients unable to get through. We all know how important first impressions are — with a VOIP phone system, your company’s efficiency will really impress.

Reduced phone bills for your business

VOIP connections are much less expensive than traditional analogue phone calls, in fact one of our happy customers has reduced their phone bill by over 35%. When you call us, we can discuss your current system and give you an estimate of how much you might expect to save on your phone bill costs by changing over to one of our Voiteck VOIP phone systems.

100% Australian Founded

Voiteck is a VOIP provider, dedicated to providing business telephone solutions to organisations all around Australia. Our head office is based in Adelaide and we have 5,000 users in South Australia alone.

So which Voiteck VOIP phone system is best for you?

At Voiteck we offer you two different system options, either a Hosted PBX System (a cloud telephone system) or a Managed PBX System (onsite), depending on your needs. So if your business is still using a traditional PABX phone system or something else that’s just not working for you, call us.

To find out which Voiteck VOIP business phone system is best for your organisation, and how much you could be saving, please contact us at Voiteck on 08 8121 9311today. We’ll be very pleased to take your call