What is a PBX? Simply a PBX is your old telephone system. It receives, manages and sends telephone calls all around your office environment. The PBX has evolved from the main switch board to on premise to now Hosted PBX.

The Hosted PBX is the latest iteration of service providing IP Telephony (internet protocol) utilising you Internet connection. This allows for a highly protected environment delivering all of your call logic seamless across the internet. With Voiteck Hosted PBX you get all of the functions of a highly scalable and sophisticated PBX without any licencing with access to all features.

Whether you are a small business or a multi-site corporate you deserve the best system with the best functionality. Today’s workforce is mobile, remote, and fast-paced. You need an advanced communications system to keep everyone connected: Welcome to business IP Telephony Traditional phone systems are outdated and unwieldy.