The NBN, or the National Broadband Network, is Australia largest delivery of internet. This multi billion dollar project build is coming to an end and now is the right time to come on board. The NBN is an upgrade to Australia’s phone and internet infrastructure, however not all NBN is the same, it includes a variety of new and existing broadband technologies such as new fibre-optic cable, existing copper lines, fixed wireless and satellite.

Private Fibre

Private Fibre is a the elite of internet service delivery. Voiteck can provide all speeds of fibre from 50:50Mbps up to 1000:1000Mbps. All of these networks are uncontended and include enterprise grade features. They are built to support the most demanding business and all of these networks come with a guarantee of 99.999% and a full service level.

Wireless Broadband

Utilising the amazing OPTUS 4g and 5G networks, you can connect to the internet without a phone line or NBN internet connection. The OPTUS 4G and 5G wireless broadband is ready to use out of the box. Unlock your business’ potential with 500GB of LTE data.

Point to Point Wireless

Can’t get NBN? No problems. Voiteck offer a Point to Point Wireless Service, which just looks like a Foxtel dish on your roof. This network provides lighting speeds at an equivalent price to the NBN.