Voiteck Partner Program

What we’re doing

Making people’s lives easier. At Voiteck, we help small to medium-sized businesses, who are striving for success in Australia. We are extremely passionate about connecting these businesses with our high-speed internet and amazing landline services and OPTUS mobile to suit them. Voiteck has been successfully delivering on this goal for over ten years and we want to share our passion with you.

Why we’re doing it

Success breeds success. We want to share our successes by expanding our partner base. We are looking for like-minded businesses who are currently selling services to companies in Australia. This could be in the fields of IT, security or business, we don’t really mind. What’s important is that we’re aligned in culture and in values.

How you can get involved

Get in touch. We reward great relationships, paying an upfront commission based on opportunity and work committed, and a further trailing commission for the tenure of the customer contract. If needed, we’ll train you and your staff in Point of Sale material, Project Management and technical delivery but they don’t need to be experts. Voiteck believes strongly in the power of relationships and will your brand just as highly as our own.

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