The ISDN network is being switched off

So, you may have heard that by the end of 2023 ISDN won’t be supported by any network. While this is big news, there’s no need to panic. But, you need to have a plan in place now. At Voiteck, we can assist you in a smooth transition to a system that will work better and more efficiently for your business.

SIP Trunking is designed to provide you with a premium voice service at a cost effective and technology advanced level.

It utilises the internet to deliver voice and your data through a single internet connection such as the NBN.

What is causing ISDN decline? Simply, ISDN is just not as efficient as SIP Trunking. It’s not as scalable for small, large or expanding organisations, it’s not as portable as you grow and is tied to a physical location.

But most importantly, the comparative cost of ISDN simply doesn’t add up. ISDN is an outdated network, hence it is currently being shut down.